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milemiscore:3.5 / 52023-02-04
My friend's room is very close to the bridge next to him. According to his reaction, the sound of light rail crossing the bridge was heard around 6 a.m., and the sound insulation of the hotel was relatively poor. But on the whole, it's very good. The geographical environment is very good. Originally, Hongya cave was a famous scenic spot, with everything to eat and live in. It's very beautiful at night.
e01205235score:4.0 / 52023-02-03
The room is still very large and characteristic. But the bathroom is moldy. It looks and feels bad. The light rail makes a lot of noise. I heard someone singing at midnight
candydoublescore:3.5 / 52023-02-03
The traffic is convenient, but it's too noisy
degydxscore:4.8 / 52023-02-02
The decoration is very classical and unique. The location is very good. It's in Hongyadong scenic spot. It's very beautiful at night! The room is clean! Breakfast is also very good! It's close to the subway station!
f22wangscore:5.0 / 52023-02-02
When I went to the hotel, I just met the road construction in front of the hotel. The road became very difficult to walk. Originally, I booked the scenic spot hotel for convenience, but now it has become inconvenient. The overall feeling of the hotel is good, after all, 4 stars! Feel value!
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