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The Eling Park is at 350 meters up offer a grand view of the Yangtze River to its south, the Jialing River to its north, the city proper to its east and the Futuguan to its west. Located it Changjiang Lu, Yuzhong district, Eling was originally named Edingling (Goose Nape Hill), for its narrow and steep shape resembling a nape of a goose. Eling Park was built in 1909, which was originally the home of Lee, a rich businessman, also known as ...[Detail]

Chaotianmen Square is a newly-built architecture which situates at the confluence of the Yangtze and Jialing Rivers in the Peninsula of Yuzhong District in Chongqing. This square has gradually become a prosperous zone which shows the rapid development of this historic city.Standing on the Chaotianmen Square, visitors can get an ideal view to the glorious Yangtze River. The Chaotianmen Square was built in the summer of 1998, covering an area of ...[Detail]

Located at the junction of Yangtze River and Jialing River, Chongqing Hongya Cave is a cultural center for city's landscape, business leisure, and humanism. With the famous traditional architectural feature of Stilted Buildings, Hongya Cave was built along mountains and above river in Jiefangbei which is the business center of Chongqing.Walking in Hongya Cave, visitors will absolutely enjoy themselves. Old streets, delicious foods, exquisite ...[Detail]

Located in the south bank of Wentang Gorge along the Jialing River at the foot of Jinyun Mountain, the North Hot Spring enjoys a reputation as the "Pearl on the Jialing River."With Jialing River's passing through the district of Hechuan, there emerge the following three gorges from north to south: Liebie Gorge, Wentang Gorge and Guanyin Gorge. They are usually called the "Three Lesser Gorges on the Jialing River."Situated ...[Detail]

The Flower Garden is located in Longxi Town Yubei District, is the base of collection, domestication and display flowers. In the garden assembles the main flower plants of Chongqing and rare flowers from all over the world. It shows the characteristic of flower types rich, the gardenlayout novel and the local characteristics bright. Now has built Xinghu Area, Tea Area, Grass View Area, Leaves View Area, Rain Gallery and so on.TrafficBus 181, 818 [Detail]

Nanshan viewing platform of a tree including the viewing platform of a tree, viewing pavilion, country recreational area. It can accommodate thousands of people to view. In 1997, in order to meet the transefer of sovereignty over Hong Kong, the viewing platform was built in Chongqing. The viewing pavilion was built for AAPP Meeting in 2002, its heiht is 38.8m, and its appearance is like a radar.Ticket: CNY20 [Detail]

The Nanshan Botanic Garden covers an area in excess of 550 hectares on the South Mountain of the Southern Bank District. While much of the garden is set aside as forested area, there is a multitude of planted gardens and rare plants. The Special Plant Garden is filled with fragrant camellias, pretty orchids and several kinds of roses. The Ecologically Protected Garden is due to be expanded soon and will continue in its aim to conserve and ...[Detail]

In the densely populated center of Chongqing Municipality, an oasis is set in Yuzhong District. This oasis valued by locals is the Loquat Hill Park, which is reputed to be the lung of the district. Located on the Loquat Hill about 340 meters (1,115 feet) above sea level, the park is beautifully designed with forests of varied trees and exuberantly grown grass and flowers. From the Hongxing Pavilion, one can get a view of the whole city, ...[Detail]

This pretty park opened in 1997 between the Yuzhong Mountian Ridge and the banks of the Yangtze River , planted with tropical gardens, snaked with hiking routes and paths. The opening Chongqing Coral Park is consisted of New Century Square, Century Beam, Bridage and Pavilion, Cultural Square, Dragon Fly, Flowers Maze and so on. The whole park form is based on lawn, trees as the backbone, the flowers as the characteristics of garden shrub ...[Detail]

Wujiang originated in Weining County, Guizhou Province, flows through Youyang, Pengshui counties, to import the Yangtze River in Fuling District, length of 1036 km. Wujiang River flows through the village to gongtan Youyang trees between the river town, with lychee Gap, Gap and soil Da Baiji sub Gap length of 60 km, known as "Barry Wujiang River Gorge Gallery" is in Chongqing " 4 +1 "What one of the art in order to" ...[Detail]